What The Republic of the United States Needs Now

  • The Word of God II Timothy 2:15
  • Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty II Corinthians 3:17

We must make clear to the rest of the world that the Republic of the United States of America will not be in subjection or under obligation to any other organization or nation in the world.

That we should withdraw from the United Nations and put it out of the United States. It is of no value to us, and we are paying a high price for nothing.

Since we have a President that we cannot depend on to do anything but lie to us, and Bill Clinton, the Democrats, and others thinking the President is some kind of a god, they have forgotten that they work for us — we do not work for them.

And that Unions are not to have shares in any company in which they represent the employees thereof, and put limits on the benefits and the amounts of money retirees can receive. No bailouts of unions or any other business.

This great nation was founded on the practice of try, and if you can’t make it, go out of business and try again in something else. Our right to do this was given to us by God, and God has not given it to the President or anyone else. When the President presents us with a problem, check the back door. For one thing, Bill Clinton might be standing there.

What we have here in our great country is a people problem:

  • Many do not even believe in God — that’s okay with me.
  • Many do not attend church at all, and some only once in a while — okay.
  • Those who go to church regularly: many are not worth a wooden nickel as far as doing anything for Jesus Christ — like winning people to Christ, or even giving out gospel tracts, or giving their testimony of anything God has done for them.
  • There are only three kinds of people in this world: Spiritual Christians, Carnal Christians, and Natural Unsaved People.

Our problem is not political. It is spiritual. Wake up America! Our younger generations have deen deprived of the most important item in their lives. Secular education and the ACLU for years have driven God out of their lives. There is no neutral zone — it is either God or Satan, and Satan is the god of this world’s systems.

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