My Opinion        EASY TO BE DECEIVED        
 2nd Edition                                                                                                             To speak with a split tongue is easy, to hear one build up another country, and then go to another country and tare down the U.S.A. is this not speaking with a split tongue???
           The U.S.A. is not a democracy, We are a Republic Of The United States Of America. As such, we should never be in subjection to any other power, Nation, United or otherwise, And the United Nations should be put out of the U.S.A, And we should not be a member thereof.
And the actions taken by the United Nations should have no bearing on the U.S.A. that should be made clear to that organization, we are well able to stand on our own two feet. And to defend our God given rights, which no one has the right or authority to take away.
         There are those who speak of Global this and Global that, that is trying to bring the U.S.A. under some Global Government. No way.
         If you don’t like the U.S.A. as it is, with it’s faults. Buy yourself a one way ticket and leave, because we don’t need you, and we don’t want it changed. There is not another country like the U.S.A. that’s why every one wants to come here. When you come here, leave behind your false god’s, and do not expect our government to pay for your so called worshiping. Or the material which you use….
         We are One Nation under God, not a many, many, gods, Just ONE. We are not a “MULTI-CULTURED” country.
And how He loves everyone so much that He gave His only Begotten  Son to die on a cross, that whosoever will can be saved. 
         When one seeks to express how great it is to have a Constitution in another country, and yet tries to destroy the one in the country in which he represents, is this not speaking with a split tongue??? YES.
         We know the many enemies of this great country, who they are, and what they are planning, So Americans, wake up and be on your  guard, get yourself a camera and watch for something going on that should not be going on, take pictures, date them and keep them, if they match what you see on the news, send them the pictures.
         We all need to be on our guard, as our Freedom and our Liberties, and the right to pursue Life, liberty, and the pursued of Happiness could well be taken from us, because there are those who hate America, and the way we live. They try to conceal their identity, some try using their religion, which by the way is not Christianity, but that won’t work either, for God will reveal it to some one to expose it for what it is, you see there is no way that anyone can pull the wool over God’s eyes, He is all knowing, all powerful, and everywhere all the time. He see’s all, He hears all, and He loves his children, So Christians, get out your Bible, and start to get rich in the Word of God, and see the difference it makes in your life, and the way you want to live.
          If all those who profess to know Jesus Christ as their Saviour were to do what they are supposed to do, the bars, would be shut down, the movies would go out of business, and there would be street preaching and passing out tracts, and people getting saved.
         There would be church Sunday Morning, and Sunday night, prayer meeting Wed, evening, Sunday School would grow like wild fire, and you would have to set up chairs in church on Sunday Services. That’s what it means to have a changed HEART,
          BUT, a changed mind will not have such effect as that above. For God and Jesus Christ is not first in to many lives. In one survey, Jesus Christ came in 10th on the question, ” Who would you like to come to your house,” How about that??? God and Jesus Christ is far down on the list of many people. They won’t have their lives interrupted or be kept from doing what they want to do by going to church.
        What we need is honest Christians, not Carnal Christians, and Possessors of Jesus Christ and not professors of Jesus Christ. Like it is said, ” When the church doors are open you can’;t tell the Christians from the unsaved” for when they leave the church, they all go out and do the same things, that ought not to be.
       Why is it, that people can get so excited over a ball game, ans scream and yell and wave their arms and stand up and cheer or boo, which ever is needed, and keep their mouth shut about Jesus Christ,
and let their friends and others die and go to Hell? Good Question.
I hear all kinds of answers to that question, and I know that there are people that can not witness to others, But there are things that they can do. They could pass out tracts, they could go to church and Sunday school, and prayer meetings. Could they not???
        To those who are saved, and are doing nothing for God, some one had to tell you about Jesus Christ, or invite you to church, or witness to you, and you got convicted got saved, right, yes it is. Now you are not going to Hell, well, how about your friends or neighbors???? Would you like to see them go to Hell??? I don’t think so, Have you told them about Jesus Christ???
          Let me just ask you a question,. Can you tell me what has God done for you, if you are saved, since you got saved??? Good question.
         Now there are some good churches out there, scattered all over the U.S.A. and thank God for them, What the average church needs today is a good old fashion Revival. Have some good old fashion bible believer,  come in and just lay it right out to the people how it is, a good Hells Fire and Damnation preacher, and just clean out the church,
       I get to go to a church each year, that’s a great church. And it is a joy for me to set there and hear them preach the Word Of God. I believe that some of those people that say they don’t believe, are scared to go to church, they are scared to study a bible, they won’t accept an invitation to go to church with some one else and hear a good sermon on “Why We Need Jesus Christ”.???Jesus Christ is the light of the world, and those who do not believe are living in darkness which Jesus can expel that darkness, and give them light. And oh! What a difference it will make it their lives.
      No one can explain to everyone’s satisfaction, Jesus Christ. You have to get it for yourself. Why don’t you give it a chance? If you don’t believe there is a Hell, I’ll tell you what you do. Each night when you go to bed, say, “God if there is a God, and a Hell show me.” do this each night, and mean it, If you are sincere, you will get your answer, God is not a liar. He will answer your question. Don’t be surprised at His answer. It could be the best thing you ever done,

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