My Opinion #-3       NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH    1st TIM; 6-10

For the love of money is the root of all evil: which some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.
     I have been getting so many letters every day, like I got six letters yesterday, only one was first class. The other five were all asking for money.
      They all have what they think is a good reason for doing so, I wouldn’t say they were wrong, I even help some of them. They have to have their registration, and be tax deductible, and they do have a good cause.
       Like the Christian Action Network: They are showing us what they are teaching our children in school, for example:
   I quote from a survey I got today from them: One question was: ” Should students be taught how to become a Muslim by teaching them THE Five Pillars of Islam without also teaching them how to become saved through Christ.
      The survey is all about: ” ISLAM IN SCHOOL, TEXTBOOKS SURVEY                                                                                                          I was thinking the other day about the Muslims wanting to build a three story house of worship at the Ground Level sight. Don’t you know, a building that size would make a good size Arsenal, But who am I to question their motive?
      Then there’s “JUDICIAL WATCH” They are out to get that Amnesty bill defeated, which Mr Harry Reid put forth, which is a good work also.
     By the way, they are the one’s that are fighting Joe ” The Plumbers,” case. You remember him, talking to that man in the Whitehouse, when he was running for the office, Well things haven’t gone to well for Joe I guess.
    Then there’s the ” FAITH AND FREEDOM COALITION” also the “United States Justice Foundation” And there are more, but that’s enough for now.
     Do you know that this is the 400 YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF THE KING JAMES BIBLE,– 1611–2011, HOW ABOUT THAT???
      That Bible say’s, ” The Words of the Lord are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times. THOU SHALT KEEP THEM, LORD, Thou shalt preserve from this generation for ever.” Psalm: 12: 6&7.
     My church pasted out a little paper 4 by 9, with a flag on it and saying, ” God Bless America”. Let me ask you, WHY SHOULD HE??
      All these people trying to raise money, and the Politicians are the worse, and corrupt to the core. And they are trying to change America to a Socialist state.
     I would say this to any and all: If you don’t like it here, get a one way ticket and leave, we don’t need you, I love this country, the way our fore fathers set it up, love or leave it, but leave it alone. And that goes for everyone.
    You know, God, has been very good to this world and the people.
    We are all sinners from our birth unto our death.
     That Bible say’s: ” All have sinned, and come short of the glory of God”. Rom: 3-23
   And the wages of sin is DEATH. BUT: the FREE GIFT of God is eternal life. Boy That’s great,
    But as a sinner since birth, you can not talk to God since Adam Sined
and God put them out of the Garden they could not talk to God. For he closed their” WILL” gate,
     We all have a Will Gate, we can do something or not do something.
That’s our “Will” . You can say, I will do this or I will do that, you have a “Will”
    But your “WILL GATE” to your Spiritual life or as some say your religious life is closed from birth, BUT:
    God offered a Pardon, to all mankind, no exceptions. After dealing with the people for many years, God provide a pardon for any one.
   What is a Pardon??
    Under President Andrew Jackson’s Administration a very strange thing happened. A railway mail clerk named George Wilson killed his co-worker and tied himself up to make it look like a train robbery had happened. How ever, during routine questioning, a few flaws were found in his testimony and he broke down and confessed and was sentenced to death.
     But friends of his began circulating petitions for mercy, and the public opinion was so greatly aroused that President Jackson granted a pardon.
     Then world wide news was made when the prisoner refused to accept the pardon, not knowing what to do with the prisoner, the case was sent to the Supreme Court, and justice John Marshall wrote in the decision; ” A Pardon is a piece of paper, the value of which depends upon it’s acceptance by the person implicated, it is hardly to be supposed one under the sentenced of death would refuse to accept a Pardon. But if it is refused, it is no Pardon, George Wilson must hang. ( and hang he did ).
   So it is hardly to be supposed , that any one in his right mind would refuse the GREAT PARDON THAT JESUS CHRIST PAID FOR WITH HIS OWN BLOOD O CALVARY. But if we do refuse this Pardon, it is no Pardon, And we must pay the wages of sin, which is DEATH, and eternal separation from God and loved ones.
   Now that is the worse thing that could happen to anyone.  There is nothing that could possibly happen to anyone, than to die and go to HELL, for the soul never die’s, it can burn and burn and burn, but never be Consumed nor Destroyed.
    This body goes into the ground, The Spirit goes back to God, and the Soul goes to HELL. And then you will realize, that you are going to be there forever.
    There’s a saying, ” The greatest prayer meeting ever held, was at the gate of HELL, but was on the wrong side.” consider that.

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